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Dear Primary School parents and families,


Many parents have asked the same question and I would like to answer and give some advice for all of you.成千上万家长们都问过同样是的原因,我说的时,想给小伙伴那些意见建议。


"How can I help my child to learn when they are online? Is there anything I can do to help them to do better in their studies?"“在我的孩子们我们上网节课,我该如何有助于孩子们掌握?我想做啥子有助于孩子们在掌握中做得好些吗?”Learning and teaching online is always challenging however, the teachers at Haileybury have good experience to manage the needs of their students effectively.线上教育上课都是很都有挑战赛性,可是,黑利伯瑞的讲师们都都有充足的上课经验丰富,能有郊地维护幼儿。If possible, try to have someone supervise the child while they are in class. This is especially important for the youngest learners, grades 1-3. You can help to focus your student when their attention starts to wander around their room. You can also ask them to explain to you, after class, what the teacher was talking about in class.假设也许 来说,务必有一些人在孩子们教学时开展孩子们。这对1-两年多级幼儿足见更重要。当小伙伴们的准备力刚刚开始在房里犹豫时,但你能够 作用孩子们密集准备力。你也能够 规定要求孩子们在课后练习向你解读老师老师在教学上讲的玩法。For the older students, perhaps the most important thing you can do is to make sure they have no distractions while in class (phone, TV’s on in the background, any other screens on their computers during class). You can also tell them before class that you would like them to give a summary to you about what they learned in the class. Finally, help your child to be sure they are finishing their homework and sending pictures to the teacher, so the teacher can check the homework and correct any problems.谈谈高所在年级的人员们比喻,或者你能够做的最终要的人和事会说是保持大家在课程上还没有粗心大意的人和事(诸如:通电话、蓝本老电视、政治任课老师听课时台式电脑的所有的某些大屏)。你也会在政治任课老师听课前说出大家,你梦想大家向你汇总大家在课程读书到的基本知识。到最后,协助你的小孩保持大家已经完全做业并将图赠予政治任课老师,这么政治任课老师就会全面检查做业并修复现象。

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